Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forks Over Knives: What does that mean?

I thought I'd start out with a post about this upcoming film, because I'm very excited about it. The reason I stick to a whole food, plant based diet, to me, is simple: I do it because it's the healthiest way to live. However, I don't see anything inherently wrong with eating meat or cheese -- even twinkies. Ok, well, maybe twinkies.

Forks Over Knives is a new movie based, in part, on the research of Dr. T. Colin Campbell and others (you might have heard of his book The China Study). It's a basic principle: The Western Diet causes disease. That's why The United States has such a high prevalence of Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, etc. Of course, you knew that, right? I mean, it's pretty simple. You've heard the saying: You are what you eat. So if you're eating crap, you are going to be crap. You're going to feel like crap.

It turns out that not only can your diet CAUSE disease, but diet can also REVERSE disease. Anyone who eats a mostly plant based diet will rave about how great they feel. I urge you to give it a try -- you'll see.

I haven't seen the movie, but I'm very excited by the prospect of it. Unlike Food, Inc. and Earthlings before it, where we learn really hard lessons about how the food industry works against us and how animals are treated before they make it to our plates, Forks Over Knives promises to show us how changing our diet (with actual case studies!) can actually reverse disease.

With the state of health care how it is in our country, preventative medicine and diet may be our only hope to affordable health care. When Michael Moore said it in Sicko, it sounded hopeless, but now researchers and dietitians are giving us hope by saying: "Just don't get sick."

I'm not sure if this movie will come to little 'ol Huntington, WV, but I'll be first in line to buy it when it comes out on DVD. When it does, you are all invited to watch with me. I'll make you some healthy snacks :)


  1. i followed this link from my facebook newsfeed because i noticed the forks over knives mention... and i just wanted to say that i became a pescatarian over a year and a half ago to combat my multiple sclerosis and endometriosis. suffering from both diseases impacted almost every part of my life - i was having episodes so much that it became nearly impossible to eat without becoming extremely ill. i used to lay in the bathroom floor or my bed for hours in agonizing pain (even putting that into typefont makes it sound dramatic, hah) and wish that i didn't have to eat or move again. i started going to a new neurologist who referred me to the McDougal research that MS patients who switched to a vegetable-centric diet with no beef/poultry/pork products saw a drastic improvement in overall health. i've always been rather lackadaisical with my eating habits - i love food, but not enough to cook it myself - so it was a huge change to eliminate the largest part of my diet. i'm haven't had meat in so long now that it just seems like an integral part of my life, something that is no longer a choice but a resolution. i'm happy to say that i haven't been seriously ill in over a year, my episodes have been stymied to mere tingling and the occasional tired spell, and i owe it all to doing something as banal as cutting out meat. i'm setting my sights on dairy next, as soon as i can learn how to cook ;)

    so i guess you could say that i'm living proof that taking an active part in your diet can change your life, as hackneyed as that sounds! didn't mean to write a story, but it's something i ardently identify with. thanks for posting this, i hope more people start the change.

    <3 anna

  2. I absolutely LOVE this documentary. Everyone needs to watch it and leaders heading the FDA and other health administrations should take responsibility and begin implementing new practices!! No more jeopardizing people's health to make an easy profit! And good for you losing all of that weight and being an inspiration to others! :-)